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About Everything Radiography

We are a team of professionals with great passion for advancement in recruitment, advertisement, training, educational research and information dissemination in the healthcare industry of radiography; the team at Everything Radiography has an unrivalled knowledge of the radiology marketplace to meet all your needs. We are passionate about service delivery, so we offer expert advice and provide qualitative support if you are looking at breaking into the commercial world.

Contact us now and you are sure you will get a turnaround in your area of need.

ER International Magazine

ER Magazine - 10th Edition

ISSN: 2315 – 9618


Volume 6, Issue 5
September – December, 2017

ER International is a news magazine in radiology imaging; published under the auspices of Everything Radiography; the foremost in Nigeria and the sub-Saharan Africa; which serves as a platform for the exposition, promotion and advancement of the ever-changing trends in medical imaging. The magazine has gained wide circulation and readership in the African region and targets to be a media hub for effective dissemination of healthcare news globally.


Everything Radiography has a human resources unit with vast experience in recruitment of qualified radiographers and other associated professionals. Our recruitment services include; locum cover, maternity leave cover, permanent employment, contract jobs, internship placements etc. All are aimed to meet your needs at any point in time.

We also arrange and manage internship placements, clinical electives and work experience programmes for students and graduates locally and internationally in different specialisations.

Educational Research

Our experienced professionals are well rounded in different aspects of radiology management and are ready to carryout rigorous projects using a robust approach with the aim of changing the landscape of radiography practice and education. We also support in feasibility studies on radiology products and services coming into the market. If you have a goal of doing the right thing, the right way, with the right result, then you can talk to us so we can make your products, goods and services better positioned.


ER is at the cutting edge of imaging technology thereby providing training in; general ultrasound, echocardiography, vascular ultrasound, mammography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, bone imaging, digital radiography, radiation protection, interventional radiology, quality control and health and environmental safety. At everything radiography, we are uniquely focused at meeting your individual training needs for both small and larger groups that is tailored to sharpen existing skills.


We offer expert advice on; purchase of radiology equipment and accessories, radiation safety and registration with regulatory bodies. Everything Radiography provides first class professional and individually tailored services to all clients meeting your specific needs.

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