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Everything Radiography

4th Edition

ISSN: 2315 – 9618 | Volume 4, Issue 1 | May – August, 2014

Below are articles on the 4th Edition of our Magazine.


A chat wtih Prof I.F. Adewole

A CHAT WTIH PROF I.V. ADEWOLE, VC University of Ibadan ER: Prof, we may know a number...

At 60, Prof Adewole Initiates Crusade Against Cervical Cancer

In Nigeria, we have made modest improvement in the health of our women but access...


CLINIX Opens an Ultra Mordern Diagnostic Centre In a bid to improve access to quality medical...


Fatima Baba Shehu I'm a graduate of Medical Radiography, College of  Medical sciences, University of Maiduguri,...

RADIOPROSPECT- Mrs Ogunsolu Oluwakemi

MRS OGUNSOLU OLUWAKEMI...the radiant radiographer ER: Let's meet you? OGUNSOLU OLUWAKEMI:  My name is Ogunsolu Oluwakemi. I...

Radiotherapy Treatment Errors Encountered in Practice

Radiotherapy is one of the major treatment options in cancer management. It is also highly...

The Association of Medical Ultrasound Practitioners of Nigeria

On the 8th of May 2014, the Association of Medical Ultrasound Practitioners of Nigeria  organised...
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