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Everything Radiography

10th Edition

ISSN: 2315 – 9618 | Volume 6, Issue 5 | September – December, 2017

Below are articles on the 10th Edition of our Magazine.


We’ll soon be thinking about imaging devices the same way we think of our smartphones

Recently, GE Healthcare CEO John Flannery noted that before long we even might start to think about medical...

The Radiographer/Radiologic Technologist: An Essential Member of the Cath Lab Team

Since the emergence of the cath lab in the 1980s, the use of percutaneous intervention...


Becoming more aware of and receptive to the colour that surrounds us benefits our happiness,...

The 21st Century Radiographer: Review from Zambia

Introduction From 1895 to 2017 the medical imaging world has witnessed tremendous technologic development that...


The O-arm Surgical Imaging System is a multi-dimensional surgical imaging platform that is designed for...

Malpractice, negligence and litigation in radiological setting

MALPRACTICE, NEGLIGENCE AND LITIGATION IN RADIOLOGICAL SETTING By Anselm E. Chukwuani A sub-conscious patient fell from the...

Interview with Mrs Moji Animashaun

PROFILE Mrs. Moji Animashaun is a radiation therapist and founder of St Cyril Cancer Treatment Foundation....

Efferent Group Ltd and the provision of Health Informatics Systems in Nigeria

There is no doubt that Nigeria’s Healthcare system is yet to embrace health informatics in...

Sudden Cardiac Death; Echocardiography as a Diagnostic Tool. (Part II) by Olayinka Adeoye

Hello readers, it’s another echo series! We shall look into other cause of Sudden Cardiac...
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