19th World Congress, Seoul, Korea

19th World Congress, Seoul, Korea

Compiled By Chris Steelman MS, RT(R)(CI), RCIS, RCSA

“We are RT’s”

Under the theme of “We are RT’s” 1,980 participants from 57 countries gathered in Seoul, Korea for the 19th International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists (ISRRT) World Congress. The ISRRT has a proud tradition of presenting meetings of outstanding academic standard combined with opportunities for great social interaction. This meeting was no exception. This extraordinary event was hosted by the Korean Radiological Technologists Association and incorporated the 23rd East Asia Conference of Radiologic Technologists and the KRTA’s 51st Annual Meeting. Once again, the ISRRT has fulfilled its mission to “advance the science and practice of radiography and allied subjects by the promotion of improved standards of education and of research in the technical aspects of radiation medicine and radiation protection.”


Prior to this year’s Scientific Program representatives from each country convene for Board, Regional and Council meetings. These meetings are where the business of the ISRRT is discussed, and it is done so with enthusiasm and expertise. The first meeting is an Open Forum where information is provided and questions are answered in a casual setting. That afternoon each of the vice presidents and regional directors held a meeting with the nation representatives from their respective region. Position statements, motions and amendments to statutes were considered. On the following day the Council Meeting was held. The ISRRT Council is the governing body of the ISRRT. As such it is responsible for approving and modifying the constitution and regulations to ensure that they reflect the purpose and objectives of the Society. At these meetings Council members review all aspects of the activities of the Society and give direction to the Board of Management on future directions and activities.

Scientific Program

The depth and breadth of the information shared during the Scientific Program was simply awe inspiring. Attendees of the Scientific Program had access to over 600 posters and presentations produced by the thought leaders of the medical imaging a radiation therapy profession. A review of the overwhelming program left technologists challenged to decide which sessions to attend. It was not difficult to find up-to-date research and the latest developments in your field. Peer reviewers carefully selected abstracts that detailed new and unique scientific methods. And although each presentation was astonishing, many offered practical applications.

Pre-Congress Workshop

Those who attending the conferences Pre- Congress Workshop enjoyed a dynamic, interactive environment with educational content that was both relevant and immediately applicable. The organizers of these workshops demonstrated their unique understanding of the profession by offering a program of speakers who addressed the universal challenges faced by the medical imaging and radiation therapy community. The workshop offered a number of presentations on focusing on two topics. Education was addressed under the theme, Exploring Innovative Education Practices, and the second, Radiation Protection, ‘Facing Challenges of Radiation Protection in the 21st Century provided valuable insights. The workshop format facilitated fascinating dialogue among attendees that enhanced this incredible learning experience.

Social Events

The Opening Ceremony and Gala Dinner were the highlights of the World Congress social program, each providing a memorable night. Attendees were promised a delightfully interactive and multicultural evenings and were not disappointed. These events allowed attendees the opportunity to catch up with “old” colleagues and friends and meet new ones as well. The Gala Dinner was a celebration of culture, with many representatives proudly attends wearing their country’s traditional attire. Amazing performances were presented during this event, and after dinner several groups of technologists took to the stage to dance and perform their favorite karaoke songs. In those moments, both friends and strangers came together as a family.

It only takes a few minutes of conversation with friends, future colleagues, coauthors, advisors and mentors when we realize that medical imaging and radiation therapy professions from all over the world face many of the same challenges. And today with the advent of the new channels of communication and knowledge sharing, attendees have the opportunity to continue this interaction long after the conference has concluded. An example of this is the ISRRT Facebook page, a vibrant meeting place for the international radiologic community. The ISRRT represents over 500,000 members from 94 member countries as the global voice of Radiography. It does so only with our support. Please consider joining this vital organization. The 20th ISRRT World Congress will take place April 12th to April 15th 2018 in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. I hope to see you there.

About the Author.

Christopher Steelman is an advocate for the equitable and sustainable redistribution of knowledge and he is passionate about the role of technology in education. Chris has addressed audiences including the ISRRT, WHO, the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) Educational Symposium, The RAD-AID Conference on Radiology in Developing Countries, the Association of Educators in Imaging and Radiologic Sciences and numerous other organisations and societies. Chris has published both locally and internationally. As a Trustee of the World Radiography Educational Trust Foundation (WRETF), he coordinates the work of Ambassadors in over fifteen countries. Chris works to empower medical professionals to pursue opportunities in international outreach as a member of the ASRT Foundations Community Outreach Review Committee and serves on the ASRT Practice Standard Council.

He is a member of the Cardiac Credentialing International Advisory Board, and the Editorial Board of Cath Lab Digest and Everything Radiography. Chris is the Program Director of the School of Invasive Cardiovascular Technology at the Hoffman Heart and Vascular Institute of Connecticut, USA.

Mr. Steelman welcomes comments and can be reached at csteelman@x-rayintl.org.


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  1. I’m very proud to see my good friend representing Radiographers at this international level. Kudos to chong Choe and Helen Choe


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