By: Ramona Chanderballi

Founder: RadToTheBone592

Attending any world conference and having the chance to represent your country is a huge honour, but I think that attending ISRRT 2018 is going to be one of the highlights of my life and career. And I am so happy that I invested so much time, money and effort into my attendance. It was truly worth it and I hope many young radiographers from around the world will take full advantage of future attendance.

What was it like being at ISRRT 2018?

450 attendees from 50 countries. Congratulations to The Society of Radiographers of Trinidad and Tobago! And thank you for the hospitality Hyatt Trinidad!

Imagine being totally star struck by all of the global leaders in your field and ALL of them making the time to talk to you. They truly lived up to the conference theme ‘We Care”! I had fireworks going off in my head and butterflies throwing a party in my stomach simultaneously. There was so much to learn from these leaders and they were willing to share their knowledge and expertise. This was something I deeply craved because it is sadly lacking where I’m from. I’ve worked with amazing doctors in Guyana who are always willing to help and give guidance but sadly we do not have enough radiographers. Hopefully the establishing of the local radiography society will ensure that resources and guidance are more easily available.

One of my biggest take-away was the networking I accomplished in 4 short days. Conferences like the ISRRT World Congress give you an amazing opportunity to network with the best in your field. This can lead to more research, collaborations to improve practices, and more resources to take back home.  It also gives you a global audience for your work which can change the entire trajectory of your career. If you think your career needs a boost and you’re willing to invest in it, attend one of the ISRRT World Congress.

The scientific research papers presented were some of my favourites, especially the Advanced Practice papers. To be able to see where other countries are advancing and what were their short comings in doing so has a major impact in future decision making for countries who are now starting on that path. It was amazing to meet and learn from radiographers who are leaders and major decision makers at their hospitals and facilities. It was also inspiring to meet persons who advanced their career by completing their masters and doctorates in the medical imaging field.

Although it cost a pretty penny, attending the conference gala dinner was great way to relax and connect with other attendees. There was good food and drinks and tons of laughter. And not forgetting that the Irish who brought their A game for what to expect at ISRRT 2020. Ireland, I hope you party as hard as the Caribbean.

Additionally, I got the chance to host a raffle through my medical imaging blog- RadToTheBone592. The prizes were a bag of goodies from Guyana. The winners were from Trinidad, Tanzania, and South Africa.

The last day was bitter-sweet. I was happy to head home and get some much needed rest but it was hard to leave Trinidad- it’s my second home now.

Thank you to the Society of Radiographers of Trinidad and Tobago for bringing ISRRT home.

Thank you to ISRRT for making a young radiographer inspired to create global change and thank you for the humility of acknowledging my blog.

Ireland, we’re ready for ISRRT 2020!


It is now September 2018 and I am happy to announce that I am the first Guyana World Radiography Education Trust Foundation Ambassador for my country.



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