It was an engaging, interactive and informative training session as the Institute of Radiographers of Nigeria, held her 2018 Module II Post Graduate Diploma Program in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) at the National Hospital Abuja.

MRI is one of the cross sectional imaging modalities and arguable the most expensive and most complex, considering the dynamic cutting edge technology it employs. It is a modality of choice especially for soft tissue characterization.

Nigeria is gradually embracing the growth technologically in medical radiography practice. Statistics Shows that there were few number of MRI scanners nationwide, of which were mostly of lower Magnetic field strengths (<0.5T) in the past decade. However, currently the country is fast embracing the advancement with many high field (1.5T) strength MRI scanners now available.

The post graduate diploma course was targeted towards equipping medical radiographers, (who have interest in MRI practice), with world class skills needed to perform their duties as MR specialists.

The course is designed to run in three modules. The first module was done in April 2018 and second module recently concluded in August.

The Head of the institute, Mr. Udoh I. S, who made a remark at the opening ceremony, where he urged the MR specialists in training, to put in their best in achieving excellence in the profession. He said this making reference to the fact that MRI technology is dynamic with evolving trends by the day.

The program instructors include Mr. Uche Dike (a foremost MR expert in Nigeria), Dr. Emmanuel Nwokorie (PhD) and Mr. Akanegbu E. Ubaka.



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